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Episode #15 - Chimera Arts Summer Update

Dana Woodman came back to the show! Here’s the latest news from this awesome hacker space opening up in Sebastopol

Special Announcement! Chimera will be hosting its first on-premises event on July 27! Listen to the show for further details.

Do any of these activities sound interesting to you?

Robotics, Fabrication, 3D Printing, Ceramics, Photography, Electronics, Arduino, Bike Repair, Painting, Jewlery, Screen Printing, Sculture, Automotive, Fine Art, Woodworking, Raspberry Pi, Bio Hacking, Filmmaking, Metalwork, Software…

If so, you will love the Chimera Arts and Maker Space opening up in downtown Sebastopol this summer. Co-founder Dana gives us the lowdown on the latest news, upcoming events, and the long-term mission of Chimera.

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Links to Chimera on the Web

Posted on July 15, 2013 by North Bay Startup


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