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Episode #4 - Interview with Joshua Simmons, Community Manager at North Bay iHub & SMBC

We finally tracked down this “International Man of Mystery” and convinced him to sit down for an interview…

We are pleased to be joined this week by Joshua Simmons, the newly installed community manager at North Bay iHub (among the many other hats he wears). We talk about strengths and pitfalls of doing business and starting companies in the North Bay, how iHub is forging alliances between academia, entrepreneurs, and the business professional sector, the origins of WIMP, and much more. Don’t miss our fun “get-to-know-the-interviewee” segments towards the end of the show!

The North Bay Startup Show is hosted by Jared White

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Show Notes

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Joshua Simmons is:

Posted on February 6, 2013 by North Bay Startup


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